• A current certificate of Handicap must be produced.
  • Maximum Handicap allowed: Gentlemen 24 and Ladies 30.

Dress Code

  • Visitors are respectfully reminded of the expected standards of dress on the courses, the Practice Ground and in the Clubhouse.
  • Please avoid embarrassing situations by following the code, as no member of staff is permitted to allow any exception to this code. The Golf Starter has the authority to decide on acceptable attire.
  • Whilst on the Golf Course (including the practice area) Visitors shall follow the dress code for golfers exhibited on the Notice Board.
  • For information on Dress Code kindly refer to the section "Rules & Regulations" in this website.

Other Information

  • Changing of clothing and/or shoes in the car park is not permitted.
  • Caddies Fees: Please request for Caddies in advance. For Caddies Fees kindly refer to the section "Charges and Timings" in this website.
  • Golf Clubs are available on hire from the Pro Shop - kindly call +91 33 24175564 and for Golf clubs hire charges kindly refer to the section "Charges and Timings" in this website.
  • Articles of value should not be left in vehicles or in the changing room as the Club cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.
  • Mobile Phones: The use of Cell phones is not permitted in the air conditioned areas of the Club House / Maidan Pavilion. Cell phone use should be limited, as far as possible, whilst on the Golf Course, Putting Green, Practice Areas and Bowling Green
  • Alcohol Consumption: Guests below the legal age (at present 21 years) are not allowed to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages or tobacco products within the Club.
  • Car Parking: It is in Visitors' interest to ensure that vehicles are securely locked and valuables kept out of sight as the Club cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.
  • Outside food and drinks, with the exception of infant food, are not allowed to be brought into the Club unless prior permission has been obtained from the Club Management.
  • Littering is strictly prohibited. It is emphasized that spitting of tobacco or other food products on the golf course is prohibited.
  • The playing of sound reproducing equipment, such as CD players, MP Players, Radios etc., is not permitted in the vicinity of the Club House, Maidan Pavilion, Shamiana or on the golf course except with the use of headphones.
  • Golf Course Timings: From 5 am till sundown
  • Golf Course Tee off Time: Contact CEO to request for a time / booking at: +91 33 24731288 or +91 33 24731352
  • For Green Fee kindly refer to the section "Charges and Timings" in this website.