Just as the coach is a role model in terms of sportsmanship, the same applies to demonstrating appropriate etiquette.

Some of the common etiquette for the sport of bowls include:

  • Wear appropriate footwear (flat soled shoes)
  • Avoid dumping bowls
  • Avoid leaving the rink for long periods of time
  • Avoid resting feet on the plinth
  • Avoid straying on to neighbouring rinks
  • Hand bowls to one another when convenient
  • Avoid distracting players on neighbouring rinks
  • Share the task of kicking bowls after the completion of an end
  • Avoid distracting players whilst a player is on the mat preparing for delivery
  • Refrain from interfering with the head until the result of an end has been agreed upon
  • Shake hands at the start and end of the game
  • Collect all mats and jacks and return to the usual distribution point