Club Rules

Dress Regulations

  • Members, Spouses, Children, Guests and Visitors shall be properly attired in accordance with the dress code prescribed for the activity. Torn, patched, scanty or provocative attire is not acceptable. An appropriate standard of footwear is required. Flip-flops are not permitted outside the Dressing Rooms and swimming pool area. Moving around the Club premises in bare feet is not acceptable.
  • Members must change after playing golf or other games prior to using the Main Club House.
  • Wearing of Pajamas is not permitted in the Club House, Tea Lawn or within the Maidan Pavilion except by ladies.
  • Wearing of Chappals by male members is not permitted within the Club House or Maidan Pavilion except in the dressing rooms. Members are permitted to wear Chappals whilst wearing the National dress of Dhoti and Kurta.
  • Wearing of shorts is not permitted in the Air Conditioned Bar, Dining Room, Billiard Room and Verandah. Wearing of headgear is not permitted in the Main Club House or Maidan Pavilion except when required for religious or safety purposes. Young boys, under 18 years of age may wear 'Putka's' whilst in the Club House or Maidan Pavilion.
  • Wearing of round neck 'T' shirts is not permitted in the air-conditioned areas of the Club / Maidan Pavilion.
  • Whilst on the Golf Course (including the practice area) Members and their Guests shall follow the dress code for golfers exhibited on the Notice Board.
  • Those passing through the Verandah to go to the Swimming Pool may wear shorts.

Recommended Dress Code for Golf

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